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JM Plateau Group

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Investment Planning

Private Bank Investment 

Enterprise Project Investment

Asset Appreciation Investment

Retirement Asset Planning

Global Asset Planning

Insurance Solution

Deferred Tax Shelter

Asset Protection Planning

Inheritance Planning 

Registered Education Saving 

Commercial Insurance

Insurance Planning

Deferred Tax Shelter

Asset Protection Planning

Inheritance Planning 

Registered Education Saving 

Commercial Insurance



Commercial Law Support

Family Law Support 

Family Trust Set Up

Corporate Division

Marriage/Divorce Legal counsel  

Our legal service is referral to a third party -  Redman Law.

* No direct or indirect remuneration

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​The Company
JM Plateau International Wealth Management Corp. specializes in financial services, offering experts in both asset management and insurance planning. The rapidly developing company partners with top insurance companies and financial institutions in Canada to offer their customers resources to best suits their financial needs. 

Our Team

Four full of business experience entrepreneurs united together, shared with one hope and built the JM Plateau Group. Cultivate and train our advisors to offer a comprehensive service to all customers living in the Lower Mainland are our ultimate goal!
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