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加博集团是拥有资深专业金融背景, 并正在快速发展的公司。 旗下拥有多家顶级保险公司和金融机构的代理合约,立志于打造加拿大最大国际财富管理平台, 培养业内顶级综合资产管理精英。 用专业的金融知识与真诚的工作态度服务于客户。 



JM Plateau International Wealth Management Corp. specializes in financial services, offering experts in both asset management and insurance planning.


The rapidly developing company partners with top insurance companies and financial institutions in Canada to offer their customers resources to best suit their financial needs.


With our expertise in finance and care for our customers, our goal is to cultivate and train our advisors to offer a comprehensive service to all customers living in the Lower Mainland. 

特许投资经理,个人财务顾问,百万圆桌会员,注册退休策化顾问,10年以上银行投资及保险理财经验. 温哥华知名栏目常驻嘉宾。

Jerry Song graduated from the University of Calgary in 2003 and began to pursue a career in Financial Services. He worked as a Senior Account Manager at CIBC for 10 years, being named the Best Financial Advisor many times. As the nation's top 5% elite Financial Advisor, he has provided investment and tax advice to high net-worth clients. He then managed over $100 M in insurance, winning the Elite Financial Planner award for many years at Sun Life Financial. 

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Connie Tu


​JMP Group General Manager


Graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the Shanghai International Studies University and Kwantlen Polytechnic University.  Connie is majoring in innovative development system planning and strategic personnel training. By constructing her unique characteristic system management method, she was committed to helping customers to provide daily business arrangements and business consulting.
At JMP Group, Connie is in charge of travel insurance and office general management. 

Winnie Ip

JMP Group Managing Director


Winnie achieved her BSc Statistics from the University of British Columbia and her MBA from the Manchester University Business School.  She has been in the financial sector since 1997 and has been a team member of world-renowned companies including HSBC Group, Boston Consulting Group, and Goldman Sachs. 


She was involved in many Asian IPOs and relocated to some major cities, including Shanghai, Tokyo, India, Singapore, and hence experienced a wide range of cultures around the world.  This provided her with a solid foundation in understanding her clients’ needs and backgrounds.

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